Performance: Our Tooting Our Home

Our Tooting Our Home was devised by 20 young people between 10-16 years old. Using photos, memories, research, and site visits, they devised a story they wanted to share about growing up in their community. Over 10 months, they collaborated to make Our Tooting Our Home. The play celebrates growing up, family, friends, and the innovation that shapes our High Street and then our homes.

They wanted to curate a tale from the heart about their values, the things that bind people together and lift everyone’s spirits post-pandemic, as we navigate Brexit, and talk about borders in the context of war and refugees.

Read on to explore the timeline of events we explored, the questions we asked ourselves and the script we made.


During the project, over 200 children have participated in at least one workshop. From exploring what the word heritage means to devising drama exploring how childhood evolved with innovation – their poetry was compiled into a book. Read it here (best viewed full screen).