Creative Writing & Art Resources

Want to think about your own relationship with the High Street? Download our zine with art, poetry and puzzle activities. The zine was made for people to join in remotely at home during Covid & copies were distributed to patients at St Georges Hospital.


Make a List Poem

Learning Objective: To discuss where your heritage comes from.
Ask children to complete the template.
Use the answers as a way to introduce different types of heritage to discussion – we are our memories, books, traditions and more.

Sensory Poem
Choose a photo from the website.
Imagine you are in the location.
Write down what you smell, see, taste, touch, hear

Question Poem
Make a poem of questions about things you’d like to find out about one of the stories / photos.
Need a prompt to start?
Look at your source material and complete the following:

I see …
I think …
I wonder…

Build your wonder up and see how many questions you can add.

DADA Inspired Poetry
Print out a memory.
Cut it up into words or sentences.
Put the words into a bag.
Sprinkle onto paper and read your poem.

Poems from Photos
Make a word bank from looking at a photo on the website.
Use the words as stimulus to make a poem in a style of your choosing.

Team Poem
Choose a memory or photo.
Write down as many words as possible that come to mind in response to it.
Use the words and develop one line of a poem.
Order the group to offer their lines.
Read the poem together.


Describe yourself as you are today.
I am …
Describe Tooting and its relationship with clothes.
I am …
Have you always lived here? Do you have connections in other parts of the world?
I have …
Describe a person who influences how you dress.
I am …
Describe your favourite clothes to wear and how they make you feel.
I am …
Describe your favourite outfit and where you wore it.
I am …
Describe any traditions around the way you dress.

I am …
Do you have a favourite set of outfits for different occasions?
I am …
Describe where you like to buy your clothes from?
I am …
Describe three things about you that make you proud.
I am …

Describe something that you are grateful for

I am grateful for …
Describe something that you are hopeful for.

I am hopeful for …